Janet M. Chvatal & Marc Gremm

Authors / Producers / Directors

Empress Elisabeth / King Ludwig

Authors, producers and the musical stars of THE SWAN PRINCE are Janet Marie Chvatal & Marc Gremm, known for over a decade throughout Europe and the USA for their portrayals of the famous historical icons: "Empress Elisabeth" and "King Ludiwg II.".



Nic Raine

Composer / Arranger

The THE SWAN PRINCE score is inspired by one of England´s "Masters of Film Music", composer Nic Raine. He is revered for his work on many classic Hollywood Blockbuster movies including "James Bond" and Alexander the Great".



Linus Langenbacher

The Swan Prince

From this young, talented performer we will learn how to re-discover and live our dreams.

Partick Simper

Klingsor / King / Grandfather

Patrick Simper is a celebrated operatic bass and can be seen all across Europe on stages from France to Italy.

Suzan Zeichner

Kundry / Queen

Suzan Zeichner is known and loved in Bavaria for her unforgettable creation of the leading role of Sybille Meilhaus in the production of the musical Ludwig2.

Both performers are riveting in their good vs. evil "double roles" in the Swan Prince.

Believe in your dreams or else... Klingsor and Kundry may be waiting in the shadows to steal them from you!

The original Ensemble 2016

Elias Herrmann, Volker Bleck, Chris Green, Florian Kügle, Sebastian Endres, Samuel Hollenstein, Mario Ruschel

(back, fr. left.)

Tanja Versal, Sarah Hummel, Leonie Farnholz, Martina Läufle, Zoe Morisse, Melanie Patzner

(middle, fr. left)

Janet Chvatal, Rosalie Kratzer, Suzan Zeichner, Sarah Maul, Marc Gremm

(2nd row, fr. left)

Phillipp Maul, Linus Langenbacher, Gideon Kratzer

(front, fr. left.)