The Forggensee Lake

a unique stage for a musical

At the foot of the mountains, bordering the charming bavarian town of Fuessen,

the Forggensee Lake boasts a most magical combination of nature and culture.

Just before sunset - at the time of day when nature´s balance of light and darkness meet to create ever-changing colours in the sky and mountains surrounding the lake. It is here that King Ludwig II. dared to dream as a young boy and later built his fairytale castle Neuschwanstein.

Castle Neuschwanstein

The Castle Neuschwanstein  is a symbol and well-spring of inspiration

and dreams for everyone who comes to visit here.


As a young prince, King Ludiwg II. was inspired and fascinated

by the medieval legends surrounding the Holy Grail.

These myths are forever captured in the paintings and tapestries

on the walls of the castle.

On our musical-adventure-journey the audience will witness

how these medieval characters come to life on land.

Reality melts into

fantasy and fairytale

Your musical-adventure-journey begins just before twilight, in the so called Blue Hour.

It is the most magical time of day when nature blossoms in the changing balance

of colour, light and darkness and our fantasy is awakened.

The Story

Our Swan Prince is a child full of imagination, hope and dreams. He lives in the shadow

of his ancestors and the rigor of a strict upbringing, controlled by his father, the King.

The Prince must come to terms with the harsh responsibilities that await him

as future king and the visions of peace and beauty, which burn deep inside his heart.


Accompanied by his grandfather, captain of the ship, and his favorite cousin, the princess,

he embarks upon an adventure and encounters a powerful secret in an old book

with stories of the great kingdom "The Swan Knights".


As the stories from the book come to life he discovers a great treasure

hidden in the magical lake surrounding the childhood castle - and with it

he finds the courage to live his dreams, to trust in himself and master his destiny

so that he can save his family and his people.

Janet & Marc

as the King & The Empress

Authors, producers and performers are the European musical stars Janet Marie Chvatal & Marc. Gremm Along with a cast of 30 international performers this dream pair bring the story and the music to life in front of your eyes on the ship, while scenes from the King´s fantasy world and German medieval legends come alive on the shore around you.


The Swan Prince score is written by England´s favorite film music composer Nic Raine who is known for his work on classic Hollywood blockbuster movies including James Bond and Alexander the Great.


More about Janet & Marc:

Highlight CD

World-premiere cast from 2016.

19 tracks, 67 minutes.

Photos: Peter Samer